booking structure

Before booking your appointment please read the following information regarding our appointment structure (see below);


Saturday Appointments:

  • Due to 4 sqm rule, bookings will be exclusively for the one bride and her accompanying friend/family member.
  • Saturday walk-ins will be accepted only where there is availability at the time they knock or later that day, and that customer is happy to adhere to the below entry requirements (see link).
  • Click here for entry requirements and additional COVID safe measures we are taking to keep our customers and staff safe. 

Thank you kindly for your understanding and cooperation during this time and look forward to further easing of restrictions in the coming weeks and months. 

Walk-ins: Whilst we do not turn away walk-in customers (people who have not made an appointment), we ask they they be mindful of those who have an existing booking, in that we generally allow walk-ins to browse. 

  • We do of course give priority to our existing bookings. 
  • If and when we have walk in customers we try to accommodate them if time permits and there are no existing bookings when they happen to enter the store.
  • If the store is full (as some existing bookings can have up to 6 people per group) we can reschedule walk-in customers at a later time/date.
  • We have many customers who visit Sydney for the day or weekend from regional and interstate areas who aren't aware of the booking process. Being a family run business we understand all of our customers needs and feel it’s unfair to rob them of the opportunity to try on gowns simply because they weren’t aware. We know if we were in that same situation we wouldn't appreciate being turned away ourselves from a long journey without at least having the opportunity to browse.

 Thank you for understanding.

frequently asked questions



Trying on wedding gowns can be overwhelming, for this reason we always try to provide you with the space you need to feel comfortable in the store and enjoy your experience. Feel free to ask questions, as we are happy to assist in any way possible.




Whilst not everyone has an idea of what they'd like, having a few images of favourite gown silhouettes or styles can  help us guide you and is always a good way to get things started.


If you don't feel comfortable with wearing shoes provided at the store, you are more than welcome to bring your own pair of heels.


We also recommend where possible, brides bring underwear similar to what they intend on using on their wedding day - nudes and whites are always handy.


Bring a smile, an open mind and enjoy the experience.




Our ready to wear range allows for a degree of flexibility in achieving a 'customised' feel without the 'customised' cost. Changes to the bust line, train lengths, adding or removing buttons and sleeves are some of the changes possible. 


Turn around times for our gowns are 6 months, not including fittings, therefore we encourage brides to commence shopping early where possible, however rush orders are available for an additional fee which can arrive within 3-4 months (depending on style of gown).


If you have had to plan a wedding in under 6 months we do stock a range of off-the-rack gowns which can be altered and cleaned for your special day. 

measuring and alterations


Gowns are made to achieve the closest possible fit by obtaining your measurements, however factors such as natural weight fluctuations can occur from the time of ordering, therefore brides are encouraged to be mindful that minor changes in fit at time of arrival can occur. For this reason additional tailoring upon arrival is generally required to achieve the best fit for your day. Whilst we do not charge for 'fitting appointments', alterations are an additional cost and are not included in the original price of the gown. In some instances alterations are not always required.


Brides are not obliged to have alterations undertaken by our seamstress.


In order to provide you with a reasonable price point all of our fabrics and trimmings are polyester based. Our gowns are made overseas with a reliable and reputable maker, whom we've maintained a working relationship with for over 13 years. 





A 50% deposit of the total amount of the gown is required to place an order. As part of our terms and conditions, it should be noted that this deposit is non-refundable in the event of incorrect choices, cancellations or if you change your mind (please refer to the following link for further information: Fair Trading NSW).

The balance is payable upon arrival of your gown.

Alterations after the arrival of your gown can be paid as you go or in a lump sum at collection. 




Our off the-the-rack gowns have been discounted and do not include alterations or cleaning. Individual quotes are provided by our seamstress depending on the amount and nature of alterations. Please feel free to ask us in store.




We stock a range of bridal jewellery, hair pieces, boleros/jackets and veils to add those final touches to your gown. Please visit our store to view the full range.